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    Somebody else wrote a very similar post about the same thing; expect to see some of the same things as on there. However, this is my own spin and will have more and different things.

    But anyway, this is a list of what 'the Last Guardian' really needs to have in it. GO!

    • Good Graphics.

    =========Well, duh, you say. But remember, this game has been in development since the PS2. I've seen some games suffer from the "started-work-on-an-old-console-then-changed-to-the-next-gen-halfway-through" sydrome, as I so cleverly named it. I just think that this game has to be - if not amazing - at least good enough to compete with other games coming out at the same time. In an artistic game, visuals are everything.

    • Open World

    =========Shadow of the Colossus had…

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