The Last Guardian soundtrack cover
Music by Takeshi Furukawa
Released December 6, 2016 (Mini Soundtrack, Collector's Edition Soundtrack, Composer's Choice Edition), December 21, 2016 (Japanese CD version)
Recorded Lyndhurst Hall
Published by Sony Interactive Entertainment America (Mini Soundtrack, Collector's Edition Soundtrack, Composer's Choice Edition), TEAM Entertainment (Japanese CD version), iam8bit (Vinyl)
Length 9:32 (Mini Soundtrack), 20:55 (Collector's Edition Soundtrack), 61:46 (Composer's Choice Edition), 66:57 (Japanese CD version)
Catalog number N/A (Mini Soundtrack, Collector's Edition Soundtrack, Composer's Choice Edition), KDSD-00938 (Japanese CD version), 8BIT-8051 (Vinyl)

The Last Guardian Original Soundtrack (人喰いの大鷲トリコ オリジナルサウンドトラック Hitokui no Oowashi Torico Original Soundtrack) is the soundtrack to The Last Guardian. Composed, orchestrated, conducted, and co-produced by Takeshi Furukawa, it was released in multiple formats.

A 4-track "Mini Soundtrack" was a pre-order bonus in certain US stores, and was included in the Exclusive Launch Edition in the UK. A 10-track version of the score was included as a bonus with the North American Collector's Edition of the game. This Collector's Edition Soundtrack included all tracks from the "Mini Soundtrack" plus 6 others. A 19-track "Composer's Choice Edition" was released on the PS4 Music App alongside the release of the game on December 6, 2016, and will be released later on other digital retailers. The "Composer's Choice Edition" omitted two tracks from the Collector's Edition Soundtrack, "Homeward," and, "The Cage," but contained the rest of the material from the Collector's Edition and "Mini Soundtrack". In Japan, a 24-track CD was released on December 21, 2016 (the CD was originally scheduled for release on November 16; the final delay of the game caused it to be pushed back). This is the most complete version of the soundtrack, including all 19 tracks from the "Composer's Choice Edition," the two omitted tracks from the Collector's Edition Soundtrack, and three previously unreleased tracks.

A 2-LP vinyl album is scheduled for release by iam8bit in 2017.


Furukawa was hired as the game's composer around 2011, as the game was being transitioned to the PlayStation 4. Furukawa had been invited to participate by Tommy Kikuchi, the music director for Shadow of the Colossus. During the platform transition, much of the creative work was put on hold, and Furukawa did not spend extensive effort on the composition until 2013, three years prior to release. He completed his compositions in early 2016.

Furakawa stated that Ueda trusted his creative instinct, giving him the freedom to compose whatever he wanted. Ueda provided only broad direction of a cinematic soundtrack and some specific directorial notes. While Furukawa was aware of the reputation of the soundtracks by Michiru Oshima and Kow Otani for Ico and Shadow, respectively, he opted to avoid copying these previous works, as he wanted The Last Guardian to be similarly unique. He instead drew his inspiration primarily from works with a "muted aesthetic," such as Impressionist art and French cinema.

Furakawa wanted to avoid overstating the emotional aspect of the game, which he felt was sufficiently conveyed through the gameplay and animation. Thus, he decided to keep the music restrained except during key narrative elements or in specific locales of the game work.

Furukawa did not have to adapt his score significantly to account for changes in story and game direction, since these elements were still made within Ueda's vision. He worked with audio lead Tsubasa Ito frequently to review the status and use of his scored compositions.

The performance of the soundtrack was conducted by Furukawa with the London Symphony Orchestra, the Trinity Boys Choir, and London Voices, and was recorded at Lyndhurst Hall.

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