I'm not sure about this "The boy is shown sneaking past a guard in the trailer, and his companion dispatches another with a single swipe of his talon-like claws." Well, we don't see the boy sneaking past a guard in the trailer, but in the additional screenshots from PlayStation LifeStyle (the last four here ) The companion gets rid of a guard when he's actually running after the boy, so I don't see the link of the two ideas in this sentence. I think that should be changed into something like: "The boy is shown sneaking past a guard in some additional screenshots included with the trailer. The trailer then shows the boy being chased by the creature which dispatches a guard with a single swip of his talon-like claws."

And well, we could all wait until we have more info! :) --BahaFura 00:46, 28 May 2009 (UTC)

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