Phaedra is the nickname given to the fourth colossus. This large horse-like giant makes its home in a vibrant alcove dotted with a few ruins in quadrant G5 of the map.

Path to the Colossus

See also: Map for this path

Phaedra is one of the easiest colossi to get to. Upon exiting the temple, the sword's light will point roughly southeast to an opening in the cliff walls. The canyon will eventually lead to a verdant alcove. Follow the cliffside path down, and hold up the sword again in the sun to find the path to the colossus father east. Before you reach the colossus, you will pass some ruins in the grass: four passages, linked together underground.


Agro is at your side once more, but much like the battle with Quadratus, she is not a major component of the fight. (This is, however, the last time she will not be needed - the three other colossi she can make her way to will require her speed.) The conspicuous ruins you saw earlier do indeed play a part in getting atop the colossus. Stand at the entrance of one of them, get Phaedra's attention by whistling (or with an arrow or two), and hide from its view when the colossus approaches your entrance. When it's close, head inside the ruins and make your way to one of the three other exits (preferably the one opposite the one you entered, but any will do as long as you remain undetected). If you did all this correctly, Phaedra will squat down and attempt to look inside the entrance it last saw you go in. Now's your chance. You have two options here:

  1. The first is to sneak outside while Phaedra is looking in, climb up its small "tail" and make your way to its neck. Your sword will indicate a place on its neck where you can stab to get the colossus to lower its head, letting you proceed to its weakspot. Watch your stamina.
  2. The second is to remain at the entrance Phaedra saw you go in, and quickly jump onto and climb up one of the two rock columns dangling from either side of its head once it looks down. This will take you right to its head weakpoint and is highly recommended for Time Attack on both difficulties
Time Attack times (Normal, Hard): 5:30, 5:00


Location Percentage of health
Normal Hard
The top of its head 100% 70%
Just below its neck, on the left N/A 15%
Just below its neck, on the right N/A 15%
Back of the neck Used in climbing

Tips and tricks

  • It is possible, though difficult, to jump off of Agro and onto a "ledge" on one of Phaedra's back legs. When the leg moves down, quickly make a few well-timed jumps without losing your balance to get up onto its back. Phaedra is considered to be one of the most difficult colossi to defeat in Time Attack; this is a huge time saver if one can pull it off.
  • One can also get Phaedra's attention while standing on the hills, wait until it's as close as possible, and then jump towards the dangling columns on its head. In order to do that, the player should be standing on the highest point of the hill.


  • Upon entering Phaedra's alcove, the short track Green hills plays.
  • Once Phaedra rises and begins following Wander, Creeping Shadow plays.
  • The Opened Way plays once Wander begins to climb Phaedra, and continues to play until the colossus is defeated.


  • Phaedra stands at a rough height of 89ft/27.1m, making it the joint fourth tallest of all the colossi along with Pelagia. Only Malus, Quadratus and Gaius are taller.
  • Phaedra's total length is around 100ft/30.5m.
  • Like Pelagia, Phaedra possesses a set of skeletal ribs protuding from its underbelly.
  • Phaedra makes very unusual sounds; when stabbed by Wander, it makes a very high-pitched, almost deer-like whining/whelping sound. The noise is somewhat similar to that made by Phalanx when it dies.
  • The fight against Phaedra is similar to the fight against Barba; in both instances, Wander must lead the colossus to the entrance of some ruins which he must then hide within. He then has to wait for the colossus to bend/kneel down and peer into the entrance of the ruins in an attempt to find him. By leaning down to search for Wander, Phaedra lowers its head making the two rock columns dangling from either side of its head accessible, (in the fight against Barba, Barba's beard acts as the same point of access) allowing Wander to climb up them and onto the colossus.
  • The two rock colums dangling on both sides of its head could be reins, since Phaedra is a horse-like colossus.
  • Dormin's riddle describes the location which houses Phaedra as having 'rows of guiding graves', yet none can be found. However, it is extremely likely that the ruins in which Wander hides from the colossus is one big tumulus, also known as burial mounds.


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