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  • 1. What does being an admin do for you, capabilities-wise?

    2. Since you are the creator of this Wikia site, are you in particular responsible for locking/unlocking the ability to edit pages, or are all admins capable of this?

    3. How did you become an admin?

    Thanks,  HappyIphisAria

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  • Hey there,

    Can you tell me where you got the dimensions for each of the colossi? I'm curious as, as far as I know, the official art book doesn't list colossi sizes, and if it does they would be in Japanese... do you have another source for the dimensions? 

    I've been testing the sizes in the game using a memory editor. I can calculate how high or wide a colossus is by freezing it (so it doesn't move around) then taking measurements at its feet and head etc. until I get a value in metres. They differ wildly from what your Wiki states - for instance you list Gaius (#3) at 29.6 metres high but using my memory editor method I get only 24 metres.

    If you could clear this up for me that would be great ; )

    Love your work btw, you have covered every detail of the game in a consise and easy to navigate wiki. keep up the awesome work!

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