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Hidden Garden Shot
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The Hidden Garden of the Temple is located at the top of the Shrine of Worship (where the player's journey begins).


This is a very hard area to reach, and it is advised that the player beats the game several times to collect many White Lizard Tails, as reaching it takes a massive amount of stamina. At the back right side of the Temple, there is a long stretch of ivy growing up the walls. One must climb this to reach the Hidden Garden, as well as perform some other rather complicated maneuvers. As stated before, do not attempt this without a stamina meter that expands a large portion of one's screen.


  • The fruit found in the Hidden Garden will decrease Wander's stamina and health meters as opposed to increasing them.
  • The aforementioned fruit has been aptly nicknamed the "Forbidden Fruit".
  • On the PS3 remake of Shadow of the Colossus, climbing to this area will reward the player with a gold trophy, labeled "Climber".
  • On the PS3 remake, the included dynamic theme is a picture of the gardens, with an occasional lizard running up one of the pillars.



Shadow of the Colossus - Way to Secret Garden(04:29)
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