The Cloth of Desperation is essentially a parachute and it is gained after defeating fourteen colossi in Hard Time Attack mode. While equipped, jump and press either R1 or circle to deploy it.

Dormin says the following upon retrieving the item:

That is the "Cloth of Desperation"...
Use it when thou hast fallen off a colossus and thou art in peril...


This item is useful if knocked off of a tall colossus or to quickly jump down from high up, as it reduces fall speed and thus nullifies fall damage. While falling, Wander has very little control over the direction in which he falls when the Cloth of Desperation is in use, but it does have a slight forward motion. It can be equipped at the same time as the Shaman's Cloak.


  • The Cloth of Desperation is the identical to the cloth Mono's body is wrapped in at the beginning of the game.
  • In the preview version of Shadow of the Colossus, Dormin said the following about the item: That is the "Cloak of Desperation"... Use it when thou fallest off a colossus and thou art in peril... This could mean that the Cloth of Desperation could not be equipped at the same time as the Shaman's Cloak, as they were both cloaks.
  • If you repeatedly open the Cloth and then close it by letting go of R1 and push the control stick forwards, you will move more than you normally would if you were just holding R1. If you use a turbo controller, it will work even better, and you will be able to go very far distances, and explore areas you were not meant to. Some people have gotten Shadow of the Colossus to work on their computer, however, it has many glitches, including being able to be shot extremely high up in the air. Therefore, using these two glitches together allows you to explore areas completely inaccessible through normal gameplay.
    Shadow of the Colossus clamshell

    Shadow of the Colossus clamshell

    Video showing the Clam Shell Glitch

  • The Cloth of Desperation is well known for a very amusing glitch that makes Wander look like a clam (or turtle to some). It has been dubbed 'The Clam Shell Glitch' by fans. It is triggered by doing the following: After defeating a colossus, while having the Cloth equipped, jump and open it at the moment the black tendrils hit Wander. He intstantly 'wears' the Cloth of Desperation like a shell and remains so even after waking up in the Shrine of Worship. To make Wander return to normal, the player can jump and press R1 or circle, un-equip the Cloth or stand next to Agro and mount her.


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