Cenobia is the nickname given to the fourteenth colossus, found in the ruins of a large city in quadrant C2 of the Forbidden Lands. It is similar in size to the equally relatively-small colossus Celosia.

Path to the Colossus

See also: Map for this path

The ancient city is northwest of the Shrine. There are a few ways to get there, but the quickest way is through the gorge at D2. Cross either the north or west land bridges in quadrant F4 and let the sword point the way northwest. Check your map once you enter the narrow passages to make sure you are headed in the right direction. Once you have reached the northwest area of the Lands, be on the lookout for a path marked by many sets of small pillars on either side. This is the entrance to the city. Unfortunately, the connecting passage contains a body of water that Agro cannot pass through. A cutscene will play as you enter the city on its eastern side. The colossus sits in a temple to the southwest (shown at the very end of the scene), but take some time to familiarize yourself with the environment first if you're new - the upcoming battle will cover nearly every ledge, bridge, column, and tower. Approach the colossus's temple in the western end of the city to begin. As with Celosia, be ready to run for cover the second the fight starts.


The colossus is fully armored, and there doesn't appear to be anything to push it into. Your goal for now, however, is to simply get away and find high ground. Cenobia is extremely aggressive and will ram the bottom of whatever structure you happen to be on in an attempt to dislodge you. Make no mistake, this is possibly the scariest colossus in the game and you will need to be constantly on your toes to avoid panicking. When the battle begins, quickly get on top of the overturned pillar to your left. At the other end of the pillar, there's a ledge you can jump onto. Pull yourself up and run across to the next walkway, and the next. After this, you will have to climb a ridged pillar. (A fully-charged jump will let you skip a ridge, but don't tire yourself out.) At first, it seems like there's nowhere to go after this. Notice, however, that the pillar you're on looks a lot like the fallen one you jumped on a minute ago. You need the colossus to knock the pillar down, but its constant ramming attacks aren't quite strong enough. The solution is simple: anger it by shooting it with an arrow or two (use the "look at the colossus" button - L1 by default - to help you aim). The next time it attacks the pillar, its base will give way and a cutscene will show the pillar falling down. Be extremely careful not to fall off here! This first column is particularly dangerous, as the top of the pillar falls right over a deep canal. Falling in there means you've got a long and very dangerous run back to the first pillar. To avoid falling, hang off the edge of the pillar that will face up when it hits the ground.

Following the walkways from here will bring you to a series of pillars. You know what to do here. Continue provoking the colossus from atop the columns until you get to a ridged tower, which you should also climb. For this structure, you'll need to move alongside one of the ledges to get to a side where you can reach the top. Don't shoot at the colossus from this tower; jump onto another pillar just to the south and shoot a few arrows at it from there. Once this tower breaks, a cutscene will play showing it smashing into a wall near where you first entered the city.

The next part is tricky. You have to get on the "roof" above you, and the only way up is a ridged wall on the other side of the room you just crashed into. Wait for the colossus to get as far away as possible, then make a run for it. Notice that the door arch here is too narrow for the colossus to pass and it has to go round the whole area to the other side of the arch; use this to lure it away and buy some valuable time. Once you're on top of the roof, shoot at Cenobia again. The colossus will run into the central pillar holding the roof up, and everything will come crashing down, breaking the colossus's back armor and severely damaging the armor protecting its head. This will also reveal the major sigil on its back. The next time the colossus rams something, the shock of the impact will stun it for several seconds, allowing you to stab its weakpoint a few times. Be careful when the stun wears off, as the colossus will continue its vicious attacks to the last.

Time Attack time (both difficulties): 9:00


Location Percentage of health
Normal Hard
On its back 100%

Tips & Tricks

  • It is possible to jump on Cenobia and not get injured; the player can jump on Cenobia and jump again at the pillars and grab on. 
  • As Cenobia knocks down each pillar, it is relatively easy to just jump from the top of one pillar to another. This may buy players a few extra seconds on Time Attack.
  • After Cenobia's armor has been shattered, Cenobia will usually be stunned for a few seconds every time it attempts to ram a stone pillar. Henceforth, after its armor is broken, it is advised to take cover on the (collapsed) stone pillars. This gives the player some great opportunities to stab its weak point, because every time it rams the pillar Cenobia is stunned.
  • On Hard Mode, after Cenobia's armor is broken, the player can also use the Harpoon of Thunder to weaken it from a distance. This is a safe and sure way to defeat Cenobia, without having to risk getting near it to much.



  • Both Cenobia and Celosia are described by Dormin as "a guardian set loose". Dormin also uses the line "It lusts for destruction..." to describe both Cenobia and Barba.
  • In the Shadow of the Colossus official artbook and guidebook, Cenobia is stated to be a Cerberus. Like this mythological creature, it plays the role of a guardian - as described by Dormin. This title of Cerberus may also refer to Cenobia's somewhat dog-like physique and movement as well as its aggressiveness towards intruders (in Cenobia's case the intruder is Wander). However, Cenobia has only one head, while Cerberus is known for having at least three heads.
  • Cenobia is one of only three colossi that are shown to be able to jump, the other two being Celosia and Dirge. Along with Celosia, it is also one of only two colossi that are ever seen running, and the only colossi that exits its introductory scene charging at full speed towards Wander.
  • While fighting Cenobia, the tracks "Liberated Guardian" and "A Despair Filled Farewell" play; these tracks also play in the same order in the fight against Celosia and Kuromori.
  • Cenobia measures around 11 ft/3.4m tall and 18 ft/5.5m long, making it roughly the same size as an adult African elephant. It is however slightly shorter than Celosia, making it the shortest of all colossi.
  • Cenobia has mixed reviews from fans: some disliked the fact that, along with Celosia and Kuromori, Cenobia is relatively small and therefore not as epic a fight compared to the majority of the colossi. However others liked the puzzle element involved in leading Cenobia around the ancient city in order to expose its weakspot.
  • Cenobia makes some very distinctly lion-like sounds.
  • Cenobia and Celosia are very similar in many ways. They are the smallest colossi, the most aggressive, fully armoured and cannot be damaged until the armour is broken, both make lion-like sounds, and, obviously, their names are similar. However, Celosia is slightly more aggressive than Cenobia, as Celosia will attack Wander indiscriminately, whereas if Wander is on a pillar, Cenobia will attack once, then circle the pillar or even walk away from it, until provoked. Also, Celosia shows fear of fire, but it is unknown if Cenobia fears fire as well.
  • The city ruins where the battle takes place share a strong resemblance (like most of the structures in SOTC) to the castle in Ico. Whether any of the scattered ruins have a connection to the castle in Ico or even The Last Guardian is not known or explained.
  • The size of the arena in the fight against Cenobia is only second to Malus' arena.
  • Sometimes, if you are running against a wall, Cenobia will knock you through the mountain and you will fall through the scenery.


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