The Armored Tricos are secondary villains; they serve as the bosses in The Last Guardian.

The same species as Trico, these beasts are armored, skilled, hostile, and menacing. They are just as dangerous as Trico himself, if not more so.


The first one is encountered as Trico and the Boy try to escape a crumbling tower. An Armored Trico appears, roars, and knocks the two off the cliff, sending them crashing into a building below.

After Trico and the Boy are separated in the underwater caverns, the Boy walks right into a resting Armored Trico (maybe the same one from before), who wakes up and begins to relentlessly chase him until the Boy gets stuck in a metal cage. After attempting to get the boy for a while a note resounds and calls the Amoured Trico away leaving the Boy stuck in the cage.

Later on, the beast is encountered yet again when it ambushes Trico and the Boy. Jumping down, it ignores Trico at first as it seems its main mission is to take the boy. However, after it turned its back on Trico, the loyal creature struck from behind and the two grapple. For all his bravery, Trico is quickly overturned and starts getting the life choked from him. However, the boy intervenes and drives the beast away. The fight ends with the Amoured Trico's wings and horns being broken.

Once the two reach the top of the Citadel at the end, the Master of the Valley, who controls the creatures and once controlled Trico himself, summons a large pack of the beasts to the tower. Some of them deposit children they have kidnapped to the Master for a reward of a barrel. While not initially hostile to Trico, one of the Armored beasts attacks the Boy, prompting Trico to defend him. Holding his ground, Trico is savagely overwhelmed by the half dozen creatures, one of whom even tears off the end of Trico's tail. When the Master is destroyed, its control over the beasts is released, and the creatures become completely disoriented, falling from the sky and off the tower. When Trico flies away with the boy, he looks down to see the Armored Trico whose wings and horns you broke earlier has survived, although with the damage is sustained from the earlier fight.


While it is assumed an uncontrolled Armored Trico could bond with a human, these beasts have no will of their own, being slaves to the Master of the Valley. They are bold and skilled, even one of them able to swiftly defeat Trico and a serious threat to the Boy.

However, they are not openly hostile to each other. When the Armored Trico ambushes the pair, it ignores Trico until attacked. Later, when the large flock of Armored Tricos land on the Citadel, they seem to not mind Trico until he attacks one of them in defense of the Boy.

It is possible that Trico is a younger or less experienced beast as, while quite effective against Knights, is easily overpowered by Armored Tricos, even in one-on-one encounters. He is also shown to be rather clumsy as, when kidnapping the Boy in his sleep, he gets his head stuck in a window and knocks over a pot, alerting the village to his presence, and gets stuck with several spears. None of the other Tricos return to the Nest with any form of damage.

Powers and Abilities

  • Chimeran Physiology: Armored Tricos can best be described as chimeras, creatures composed of several different animals. They have the face of a dog, the ears, body, and tail of a cat, and the beak, wings, feathers, and feet of a bird. They also sport a pair of horns on their heads belonging to an unknown species. This gives the beasts the abilities of all the species they embody: the strength of a dog, the agility of a cat, and the flight of a bird.
  • Enhanced Strength: Because of their massive size, Armored Tricos are incredibly strong. They can smash groups of enemies with relative ease. They are also quite effective against the unarmored Trico.
  • Enhanced Agility: Despite being covered in armor plating, Armored Tricos can climb and leap great distances that would be impossible for any other animal. This is embodied by their cat-like traits.
  • Flight: Given their purpose to forage for children to steal, Armored Tricos can fly great distance for prey.
  • Enhanced Durability and Healing: Armored Tricos can take massive amounts of damage. Even serious wounds can be shrugged off in a short amount of time. Armored Tricos also seem to heal very fast, as the beasts do not bleed very much and can quickly get up from even life-threatening wounds like falling from the sky.
  • Body Armor: Covered in thick armor plates, these beasts can shrug off spears and arrows, making them very formidable and able to take on anything that poses a threat.
  • Prehensile Tail: Armored Trico's tails act as an extra limb.
  • Eyeshine: The color of an Armored Trico's eyes change depending on their mood. Their eyes shine pink when aggressive, while yellow means they are alert. Armored Tricos' eyes are always pink, for they are always hostile.


  • Loss of leadership: Upon the killing of their master, the beasts become so disoriented that they fall from the sky, fall off towers, and lose their footing.
  • Talismans: While we never see if talismans affect the Armored beasts, given that they are planted all over the Nest at key points they likely work to keep the beasts out in the case of a rebellion.
  • Other Armored Tricos: Armored Tricos have been observed to posture over food and likely pose a serious threat against each other.
  • Small spaces: While even Trico stands no chance against them, the Boy is able to escape the beasts by hiding in small spaces where the beast can't reach or fit its body.

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