Argus is the nickname given to the fifteenth colossus. This cleaver-wielding giant is found in a fortress in quadrant G1 of the Forbidden Lands.

Path to the Colossus

See also: Map for this path

Getting to Argus can be tricky for first-timers; if they follow the sword's light directly, they will go east around the shrine and will be led straight into the forest they took to get to the top of the waterfalls where Pelagia once roamed. A better way is to go west around the shrine, take the north land bridge, and head alongside the giant bridge as if going to Celosia. From here, the sword's light will be much more helpful in getting you to the fortress. Make your way inside the ruins. You can ride Agro inside, but a giant fallen pillar will block her from coming with you. Climb up and around the pillar, and continue down the hall and up the steps to find yourself in the main area of the fortress. The area is unexpectedly empty. Your sword will direct you towards the valley at the east end of the arena. As you approach the edge, the earth shakes, and two enormous hands appear before the colossus pulls itself up the cliff wall.


You start the battle right next to the colossus, much like with Barba. Unlike that fight, however, this colossus is very well aware of your presence, and is clearly not happy that you're here. The first thing you need to do is run back to the western side of the arena, and onto the slightly-raised platforms at the northern or southern edges once you're there. Argus will stomp these platforms to attack you; this will tilt them slightly upwards toward the walls for a short while. Quickly get on this raised platform and jump; you can now make it slightly higher up the fortress. If you were in the right place when Argus stomped the platform, you should now be able to take a small set of stairs to a long, narrow hallway. Notice the fallen rock here. To get higher up, shoot the colossus with some arrows until he attacks the walls with its cleaver. This will dislodge some more rocks; get on top of them and jump to some ridges. Climb them and you'll finally be on top of the arena.

There are two giant bridges that span the sides of the arena. Watch out, however - Argus can and will easily destroy both of them, so don't try crossing. You do, however, want it to destroy at least one; the broken ends of the bridges will be your best shot at jumping onto the colossus. Shoot some arrows for provocation, if necessary. You still have quite a bit to do once you're finally on top of the colossus.

Argus has a weakpoint on its head; be prepared for some heavy thrashing and have as full a stamina meter as possible before attacking it. Hard Mode players have a weakpoint on its left upper chest to deal with as well. This can be a very difficult weakpoint to take care of, because the slightest movement on Argus' part (and there will be a lot) will mess up a stab as it charges. For this reason, it can also be difficult to get back up to a place where you can rest before your stamina runs out.

There is one other major sigil to take care of as well, and it's on the palm of its right hand. Yes, the hand that's holding the cleaver. Fortunately, there's a way to make the colossus drop it. There's a place you can stab on the back of its right arm, where part of one of its "armbands" has broken off. The sword will indicate the right place. Do so and it'll drop the cleaver (don't worry, it won't pick it back up). If you've destroyed the colossus's head weakpoint (and the one on its chest in Hard mode), you can now drop to the ground.

You want Argus to attack you with its right hand so you can get to the weakpoint, so get in a good position for it to do that. Once it pounds the ground near you with its right hand, quickly jump onto it palm and hang on. It is also possible to climb to the hand by inching your way down to its palm. This technique can be hard to accomplish on the first try. The colossus won't ever crush you by closing its fist, but it will make stabbing this point difficult by moving around wildly to shake you off.

Time Attack times in Original and PS3 version(Normal, Hard): 10:00, 11:30
Time Attack times in PS4 Remaster (Normal, Hard): TBA, 10:00


Location Percentage of health
Normal Hard
On its head 85% 42.5%
On the palm of its right hand 15% 15%
On the upper-left part of its chest N/A 42.5%
On the back of its right arm Makes it drop its weapon

Tips and tricks

  • When Wander is attacking Argus' head weakpoint, the colossus will often try to throw its head backwards in an attempt to buck him off. Before it does this, however, its head will lower slightly. Stabbing the weakspot during this time with whatever charge Wander got built up in his stab will often cancel the animation and leave the player ready for another attempt.
  • Argus will bend its knee at the beginning of the fight as part of a stomp attack. With proper timing, the player can jump onto its knee plates and use the colossus's momentum to fling Wander up onto its upper chest.
  • Using the Harpoon of Thunder, one can shoot Argus' arm sigil and make it drop its cleaver. This is also possible with the Flash Arrows. Obviously, this is not possible with regular arrows.



  • Argus is one of only three colossi that wield a weapon, the other two being Gaius and Valus. Of those three, Argus is the only one that can be disarmed of its weapon. Valus will drop its weapon during its death sequence and Gaius' weapon is fixed to its arm.
  • Very rarely, Argus glows light blue due to an unknown glitch.
  • Strangely, in Hard Time Attack, if Wander gets killed by Argus, Wander's Death plays, but the background music can still be heard even if the player selects "Retry".
  • Along with Hydrus and Celosia, Argus is the most northerly of all the colossi.
  • Argus is the second of 3 colossi that has their own exclusive track heard whilst fighting them; the track "Gatekeeper of the Castle Ruins" is unique to Argus.
  • Roughly, Argus stands at 75ft/22.9m tall. It shares physical similarities with both Barba and Valus, but is larger than Valus and shorter than Barba.
  • Argus' roars are very similar to the roars of Basaran.
  • With the exception of Barba in Hard mode, Argus is the only colossi to have a weakpoint sigil located on its hand.
  • Argus shares something in common with Celosia in their descriptions by Dormin. Celosia is referred to as "A guardian set loose... It keeps the flames alive...", while Argus is described as "It acts as a sentry to a destroyed city...". Dormin clarifies in these descriptions specific roles for both Celosia and Argus, namely that they are protectors of their respective environments. The same can also be said of Cenobia, although it is only ever referred to as "A guardian set loose..." like Celosia is, its role is never defined to the same extent as Celosia's or Argus'.
  • It is possible to disarm Argus before attacking or even reaching any other weakpoint sigil. Provided the player uses a strong projectile (Flash Arrows work well for this) and is accurate enough, significant damage will be done to the sigil on Argus' right arm to make it drop its weapon. Even if this is done first, Argus is still capable of breaking the two bridges and dislodging the rocks from the roof of the narrow hallways; it uses its now empty right hand to do so.
  • Argus' walking speed is slightly faster than Wander's running speed.
  • When the distances between individual colossi are compared, the straight line distance between Pelagia and Argus is the smallest, making Pelagia and Argus the closest colossi "neighbours".
  • The ruins in which Argus lives is filled with designs that resemble eyes, possibly a reference to the Argus of Greek mythology.
  • Despite being shorter than Barba (granted, only 5 feet), Argus is much, much heavier, at nearly 180 tons.
  • Although somewhat difficult, it is possible to destroy the major sigil in Argus' hand without disarming it. Wander must first get to its shoulder and then drop down as if he were going towards the minor sigil on the arm. To accomplish this however, he must drop down further, maneuvering onto the various parts of Argus' bracelets and gauntlets. If Wander gets to the lowest possible ledge on the arm, he can shimmy around into a small space on Argus' hand while it is still holding the cleaver, and stab the sigil until it disappears. Argus will shake its arm frequently though to try to fling Wander off.
  • Due to a glitch it is possible to use Agro during the fight with Argus, it is unknown what causes this glitch.


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