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• 2/22/2018

The Horn found in the "basement" of the Shrine of Worship.

Anyone know what this could be? Just a fun little Easter Egg? Only asking due to Nomad Colossus recently putting out a video showing what seems to be Lord Emon casting a horn into the pool to seal Dormin instead of the Ancient Sword (possibly from an early version of the game?).
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• 2/23/2018
It might be an easter egg, and probably is a nod to Ico; Like the barrel in the forest is a TLG easter egg.
• 5/23/2018
Hi pls can someone pls help?
I have slaine 14 colossuses,I go to the location of the 15th edge of arena where he is suppose to climb up on,he does not show.What have I not done?
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