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• 8/17/2015

The future of wander...

Hello, people of the universe! I have some wander lore for you guys, or should I say... Ico!

After turning wander into a horned infant, mono acts like a caring mother to wander, and gives him a new name: Ico. Over time they start to re-grow the forbidden lands with plants and animals. After a while, Argo dies (horses dont live forever, i know, sad story, #SaveTheAgro) Ico finds a way out. Enraged by her son's betrayal, she becomes starts to tear their home-the shrine-brick by brick. Eventually she finds a fragment of dormin ad she makes a deal with dormin. If she helps restore his power, she becomes the great ruler. Meanwhile, Ico has escaped and Found Trico, a beast in the bordring forests. The last guardian stuff happens and Then the horned boy is captured by the soldiers and rescues mono's new daughter. Its a little iffy, but I like it.

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• 8/18/2015

I doubt it. Wander was likely the first horned child, or possibly the reason they are known to be evil/cursed. I don't doubt that there is some relation between Ico and Wander, but assuming they are the same person is pushing it a little. Besides, fom the gameplay we've seen of Last Guardian, we can already tell that the boy you play as differs in appearance from both Ico and Wander. They may all be loosely related, but any other connections is doubtful.

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